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A dedicated team stands behind dicomLAB consisting of oral surgeons, reseracher, digital dental technitians and software engineers that translate market needs into modern, professional state-of the art solutions.


Founder & CEO Oral Surgeon

Endre’s professional interest is in implantology, guided surgery and digital technologies in medicine. He founded dicomLAB out of passion for better patient care and today under his leadership the company is revolutionizing dentistry.​


Head of Product Development

Leader of dicomLAB 2.0 developments

László joined dicomLAB in 2019 to bring in fresh ideas and technology that he previously successfully implemented in other domains. He is an innovator, and the kind of person who views ‘impossible’ as his next personal challenge. Under his technical leadership dicomLAB became a company that questions the status quo in dentistry and provides modern solution.


Head of Business Developments & International Sales


With more then 15 years experience in sales, Márton successfully led dicomLAB’s business development to the international market. His main focus is to understand the needs of our partner and find solutions that benefit both parties the best.


Chief Financial Officer


Having worked in a corporate environment, Gabi joined the team of dicomLAB in 2019. As an economist, she assists in the implementation of ideas using her analytical mindset adn objective approach. Her work provides the accounting and financial-legal background necessary for the development of the company.


Chief Technology  Officer

Technology agnostic architect, tech lead and developer, working in the software development industry more than 15 years. Tamás' experience in technology stacks, cloud and application development enables dicomLAB to bring out its newest innovations and solutions to the digital dentistry market.


Chief Operating Officer

Károly joined dicomLAB in 2014 where he is responsible for company operations. His main aim is to adapt the company's organization to the varying market demands, achieve and upkeep a flexible and efficient company structure and operation.


Head of Research

Gábor has been responsible for the research activities for dicomLAB since 2017. So far, he has co-authored over 100 scientific publications (mostly in dental research), and he is the first or last author of about a quarter of them. He earned his PhD in theoretical medical sciences/neuroscience from the Faculty of Medicine, University of Szeged, so, besides dental research, he regularly publishes about the cognitive alterations associated with migraine in the leading journals of the field. After leaving his lecturer / researcher position at the university behind, he chose dicomLAB because he felt the need to deal not only with theoretical research, but also with research that can directly contribute to a higher quality, state-of-the-art patient care.


Chief Quality Manager

After more than twenty years quality experience at multinational companies Angelika joined dicomLAB in 2020. Her main principle: There is no compromise on quality. Develops high quality culture and ensure high quality products to satisfy your customers.



Hungarian Sales Manager

János is responsible for dicomLAB's domestic relationships both on B2C and B2B level. For János it is important to be a team-player and his strengths lie in strategic collaboration, quick and meaningful relationship building and proactive, solution-oriented thinking. 


International Account Manager

Adrienn is cultivating strong B2B and B2C partnerships, always aiming for the best user experience and focusing on seamless communication with dicomLAB's partners. She is maintaining and discovering business opportunities.


Integration Specialist


Anett responsibilities include tracking customer journey, managing customer accounts and recording sales data in order to support our sales team. Her definite personality ensures good time management and organizational skills. Finding a common voice with customers and coworkers also is a priority for her what makes her a collaborative and reliable colleague.


And many more dedicated team members work on the success of the dicomLAB story whose efforts are joined under a common goal of making implant placement as a treatment of tooth loss available for everyone.

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