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Request, approve and order prosthetic works through the platform. It is as easy as it sounds.
Enjoy the benefits of having all surgical and prosthetic data at the same place.
Get notified of the completed prosthetic work and approve it!


Works with all loading type

Simple and easy workflow

Our wizard guides you through the key steps of prosthetic decisions and helps you choose the best solution for your patient. Whatever loading type is needed for your case, – immediate or delayed – you can count on the simple and easy workflow of our prosthetics wizard… and no, there is no need to learn spells, just to answer some straightforward questions regarding the case.


Delivered together with the surgical guide

Articulated prosthetics visualization



Right at the start of your implantology case, you can decide whether your patient needs immediate or delayed loading and upload the necessary dicom and STL files accordingly. When choosing immediate loading, an articulated prosthetics visualization will be provided, and the immediate temporary prosthetics will be delivered together with the surgical guide.

Thanks to the technology of intra-oral and tabletop scanners, you will be able to provide us with the surface, bite and antagonist scan which are need for this type of loading.


Communication through the platfrom

Delayed loading

Built in 3D viewer

When creating the final prosthetics workflow, we preferred to stay down to earth and apply a workflow that is familiar to your everyday routine. We only need the same data that you would give to your dental technician, but digitalized.

You will be notified when the final design is ready for your approval. Before accepting and ordering the final prosthetics, you can review it in our built-in 3D viewer and even better, show it to your patient! All communication regarding prosthetic modifications goes through the platform, from one, single source.


Easy tracking

Check status at any time

Want to track your package?

You can find tracking information and order details in Your Orders on the Platfrom, in real time.

We offer different shipping methods from standard (delivery in 7 days) to express (delivery next day), and we take the most care to make sure your items arrive on time.

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