We hope you said yes, because dicomLAB offers a powerful all in one, centralized, case specific platform for implant manufacturing companies, just like you! A global solution with your branding and products that serves as a modern sales channel.

Sounds good. Right?

You can provide your customers with everything from one platform filled up with your products, our services and educational materials for their surgical and prosthetic treatments. Fulfill all your clients needs...


...in one box, from one platform!

Are you ready to fill in the digtial gap between you and doctors?


Image processing

Offload the burden of image processing from the doctors. Let them jump straight into treatment planning!

Guided surgery & kit

We can integrate your own guided solution in our system to provide a full guided experience for the doctors.

Final prosthetic

Dental labs can register for free creating a network of providers aggregated by dicomLAB. Effective doctor workflow and more revenue for you.

Temporary prosthetic

Immediate loading without any hassle for you and your doctors.


As an implant manufacturing company you receive a platform with your branding, colours and logo, and we digitalize all of your product and services. Reach more doctors with integrated on-boarding and education and increase your revenue per doctor by offering prosthetic services.

One platform

Uniquely built for your needs and brand, a fully digital eCommerce platform with every tool and mechanism of successful Webshops in other industries.


dicomLAB aggregates and provides your platform with dental labs and diagnostic partners, creating the booking.com of dentistry.

Direct sales channel

More efficient, direct sales channel to the customers  - we can work with multiple, complex segmentation your international distributors can be implemented and tracked easily.

Education & mentoring

Micro learning tools help users navigate on the platform and our mentoring program connects them with real doctors for support and professional recommendation.

Case specific

Reach out to an untouched segment of dentists with case specific services, professional knowledge transfer and „everything in one box”.

No subscription

We keep our pricing simple for the users, register for free. Doctors, dental labs, diagnostic partners no exception! Pay commission per case after your revenue.


Earn more money by offering services from dental labs through the platform.


Reach out to an untouched segment of dentists with case specific services, professional knowledge transfer and „everything in one box”


Doctors placing

implants on a regular basis


Doctors who are not willing to place implants (irrelevant segment)


Doctors willing to place implants, but facing certain barriers